Our Science

Biology of Aging

As we age, our cells become less functional because they accumulate errors. These errors such as epigenetic changes subsequently result in cell damage over time. Eventually these cells become pathologic and cause diseases in various organs and tissues. Among these pathologic cells are senescent cells that drive age-related diseases. Senescence is the process by which a cell ages and permanently stops dividing but does not die. Any cell can potentially become senescent. Over time, large numbers of senescent cells can build up in tissues throughout the body and release toxins. When they reach a critical mass, they cause chronic inflammation and damage leading to fibrosis and tissue degeneration which drive many age-related diseases including cancers.

Over the past decade a growing body of scientific evidence has demonstrated the critical role of senescent cells in driving cellular aging and age-related diseases. By selectively clearing the body and tissues of these cells, while preserving healthy cells, the tissues can rejuvenate and disease progression can be reversed to restore cellular health.

At Rubedo, our Alembic drug discovery platform enables us to identify specific druggable targets and then develop them into therapeutics that selectively target the pathologic cells (such as senescent cells) that drive the process of aging. This allows us to address the fundamental cause of age-related diseases and preserve biological youth.

Alembic Platform

Our proprietary ALEMBIC™ AI-driven drug discovery platform is based on a synergy between sophisticated computational algorithms and chemistry. Rubedo’s differentiated technology is a therapeutic agnostic platform aimed at addressing a wide variety of diseases beyond senescence and aging.

How we are differentiated

The use of single cell RNA sequencing (scRNAseq) is an important differentiator because it provides the resolution to target specific cell types and changes within these cells. In contrast, other methodologies only identify trends across tissue samples. Furthermore, scRNAseq allows for superior and highly specific target identification. Through leveraging a combination of our proprietary AI driven Platform (Alembic) and Chemistry (SenTech), Rubedo is able to develop novel compounds that specifically bind to the diseased cells allowing for increased efficacy and fewer unintended side effects rendering safer therapeutics.


The Alembic platform identifies novel druggable targets by leveraging (scRNAseq) and other -omics data to identify the pathologic senescent cells unique to specific cell populations that emerge with diseases of aging. SenTech is a proprietary medicinal chemistry process that engineers small molecules with superior safety and selectivity properties over existing drugs. SenTech’s targeting ability is achieved through drug design (including pro-drugs) which combines specific molecular targets with unique metabolic functions.