Our story

Rubedo discovers and develops medicines to keep you biologically young by targeting the pathologic cells that drive aging

Rubedo Life Sciences was founded by a group of leading scientists and entrepreneurs with a life-long passion for the science of aging and making therapeutics to help people live a better life longer. They joined forces to merge their knowledge and expertise into a crucible of innovations.
The Rubedo team draws upon more than 150 years of combined experience in multiple fields of research, drug discovery, software engineering and entrepreneurship spanning across aging science, regenerative medicine, medicinal chemistry, artificial intelligence, informatics, drug development.
Our work is transmuting discovery into novel medicines by eliminating cells that enable the aging process and create disease. We aim to extend human health span by restoring biological youth at a cellular level.

Leadership and Founders

The Rubedo leadership team is comprises of industry leaders from large pharma, leading biotech companies and pioneers in longevity, early development chemistry, technology, and life sciences. The team has extensive expertise in drug development across early stage to commercialization

Marco Quarta, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO

Mark Gallop, PhD

Co-Founder, Chairman Chemistry and Development

Ofir Moreno, PHD

SVP Drug Discovery

Alberto Vitari, PhD

Senior Director, Discovery Research

Alex Laslavic

Chief Technology Officer, Bioinformatics and IT

Julian Klein

Co-Founder, Scientist

Ali Siam

Chief Business Officer

Board of Directors

Marco Quarta, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO

mark gallop, PhD

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

Robert Gould, PhD

Khosla Ventures

Joanna Green, PhD

Ahren Innovation Capital



Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Professor, Onco-Dermatology


Buck Institute for Research & Aging Professor, Biogerontology

Cory Hogaboam, PhD

Cedars-Sinai Professor of Medicine, Chronic Lung Diseases

Paul Insel, MD

University of California San Diego Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology


Scientific Advisor, Drug discovery & Pharmacology

Lidia Schapira, MD

Stanford School of Medicine Professor, Medical Oncology

Mark Pegram, MD

Stanford University School of Medicine Professor, Medical Oncology

Francesca Grisoni, Phd

Eindhoven University of Technology Assistant Professor, Molecular Machine Learning