Nicholas Collaco

Histology Specialist

Born and raised in San Francisco, Nick graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BS in Pharmacology. He has 5+ years of histology experience holding positions in academic, clinical, and industry fields. His inspiration to pursue histology began in his senior year at Santa Barbara while performing fluorescent immunohistochemical (IHC) cell typing on mouse brain tissue, which led him to the Daldrup-Link research group at Stanford University post-graduation. Stanford allowed for proficient growth in tissue preparation and histological work ups. There, image data in parallel with MRI imaging gave insight into transplanted stem cell growth on artificially damaged knee cartilage tissue in vivo. Wanting clinical experience, Nick transferred over to the histopathology lab group at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. Working side by side with UCSF pathologists and pathology residents, he learned how to gross biopsy and surgical specimens and later assess slides for pathological review. Nowadays a large-sized company, Nick then became an integral part of Unity Biotechnology’s IHC core, just as they had broken ground in South San Francisco. His contributions enabled two IND filings for senolytic compounds and further progressed several exploratory projects in the pipeline.

Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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