Daniel Brickman, PhD

Strategic Advisor - Clinical & Commercial Development

Daniel Brickman, PhD, consults with emerging biotechnology companies on identifying, assessing, optimizing, and prioritizing new opportunities to drive early creation of value and good decision making, with a focus on oncology. From 2016 to May 2020, Daniel was a Project Team Leader at Abbvie where he led teams developing >15 antibody drug conjugates between pilot cyno and proof of concept in patients. During a part of this time, he oversaw project management at Abbvie Stemcentrx until the full integration with Abbvie. Prior to working with Abbvie, Daniel was the Global lead for oncology pipeline and portfolio planning at Genentech. In this role, he provided strategic guidance to the Clinical & Commercial Therapeutic Area Heads on oncology funding requests. He also oversaw the oncology annual lifecycle planning process. Daniel also led a team of 9 strategy advisors who sat on project teams to help evaluate and maximize the value of each clinical trial. Before leading the team, Daniel was the strategy advisor for the Tecentriq (aPDL1) team, helping shape & evaluate proposals for >10 pivotal studies and >20 Ph1B cohorts. Daniel started his career with Bristol Myers Squibb as a statistician, initially in a statistical genetics & biomarkers group, followed by a role as a protocol statistician. After being a statistician, he transitioned to a cross-functional strategy role in virology & neuroscience.

Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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