Rubedo collaborates with Cedars-Sinai on senolytic IPF program

Senolytic start-up establishes collaboration with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to advance idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis program.

Rubedo featured among top senolytic companies in Nature Biotechnology

Send in the senolytics

Despite early failures in the clinic, the idea of anti-aging therapies that purge the body of dying cells is gaining traction with a raft of startups now focused on senescence.

Valuable review describing the emerging field of therapeutic development targeting senescence biology to treat age-related conditions.

Rubedo at Longevity Therapeutics Conference 2021

Join us at LT2021. Rubedo will be contributing with a lecture and a round table.


Rubedo Life Sciences CEO, Dr. Marco Quarta, will be Chairman of the Conference

on Day 1  – he will join the Panel Discussion titled

A Therapeutic Revolution Against Aging – Bridging the Gaps & Opportunities


On Day 2 – Dr. Quarta will give a lecture on

Higher selectivity and safety of Targeted Senolytcs

Internship Opportunities in 2021 at Rubedo

Salaried internship opportunities at Rubedo Life Sciences for 2021-2022

9 month internship – CalPoly CIRM Master Program for Regenerative Medicine


Summer Internship – SENS Research Foundation Program

Silicon Valley, CA, USA

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